Current Season

2021-2022 Season

Please join us for our spring concert “Home Again”.

Home Again
Sunday May 29th, 2022, 3pm
Rosedale Presbyterian Church, 129 Mount Pleasant Rd.
tickets $20 or pay what you can, children up to 12 pay age.

Home Again poster

Alice Malach, Artistic Director
Sara Spigott, piano
Paul McCulloch, guitar/bass/percussion

Repetoire includes:
Alleluia; Stephanie Martin
One Voice; Ruth Moody
I Sing Because I’m Happy; Charles H. Gabriel, Civilla D. Martin, arr. Kenneth Paden
Тебе поем/Tebe poem; Музыка А. Кастальского/A. Kastalsky
Ikan Kekek; Tracy Wong (Malaysia)
Be Like the Bird; Abbie Betinis
Yamo, A Syrian Tribute To All Mothers; Words: Duraid Lahham, Music: Unknown, arr. Shireen Abu Khader
Turlutte acadienne montréalaise; Marie-Claire SAINDON
Da Pacem; Jeff Enns
Bring Me Little Water, Silvy; Huddie W. Ledbetter (Lead Belly), arr. Moira Smiley
One More Colour; Jane Siberry, arr. Suba Sankaran
Lie Down; The Good Lovelies, transcribed by Suba Sankaran
Home Again; Carole King, arr. J. Adelman Gershon

We are continuing to express our love of music and singing, and invite interested singers to join us! Contact us for more details.


Hybrid rehearsals led by our Artictic Director, Alice Malach, will be starting September, 2021. Spring 2022 rehearsals return to Rosedale Presbyterian Church, socially distanced and masked, along with the option to attend virtually for those who are unable to attend in person. We are preparing, with an optimistic spirit, for an in person concert on Sunday, May 29th 2022, 3pm at Rosedale Presbyterian Church.

We continue the act of singing for personal growth, joy and community.