Current Season

2020-2021 Season

Regretfully, due to COVID-19, there currently are no plans for in person public concerts. In the meantime, we are continuing to express our love of music and invite interested singers to join us! Contact us for more details.


We will be holding “hybrid” rehearsals led by our Artistic Director, Alice Malach, starting September 9th, 2020. The rehearsals will be online, with an optional outdoor distanced masked rehearsal component, in North York.

A package of music will be emailed to all participating singers prior to the first rehearsal. New music this fall will be focused on accessible music of diverse cultures. The goal here is not to work on complicated repertoire, but to continue the act of singing for personal growth, joy and community. A number of pieces will engage the entire body by including movement. It is music that will appeal to children, for those of you who might have some little (or big) ones singing along with you at home! These are some of the pieces planned for the Fall (subject to change):

  • Al Shlosha D’varim, Allan E.. Naplan
  • Bring Me Little Water, Silvy, Huddie W. Ledbetter (Lead Belly), arr. Moira Smiley
  •  Solstice Carole, Kim Baryluk
  • Sesere eeye, Traditional Song and Dance from the Torres Strait Islands
  • Wau Bulan, Tracy Wong (Malaysia) 
  • Ikan Kekek, Tracy Wong (Malaysia)
  • Humming Chorus, Puccini
  • Stand by Me, arr. Mac Huff
  • One Voice, Ruth Moody
  • Holiday Music

We will be workshopping the two songs from Malaysia with the arranger, Tracy Wong.