Spring 2003: Salut Printemps

Sunday, May 31, 2003
Mary Legge, Artistic Director
Dan Bickle, Accompanist

  • Salut Printemps, C. Debussy
  • Long Time Ago, A. Copland
  • Il mio martir, C. Monteverdi
  • Son quest ‘i crespi cri, C. Monteverdi
  • Dum Dianae Vitrea, M. Daniels
  • Hymn to the Waters, G. Holst
  • Hymn to the Dawn, G. Holst
  • Nigra Sum, P. Casals
  • The Echoing Green, Wm. Mathias
  • My Heart Leaps Up with Gladness, K. Hagius
  • A Summer Evening, K. Bissell
  • Godi pur del bel sen, C. Monteverdi
  • Hor care canzonette, C. Monteverdi
  • The Water of Tyne, arr. M. Neaum
  • The Lake Isle of Innisfree, E. Daley
  • Some Men Desire Spouses, T. Weelkes
  • The Nightingale, T. Weelkes
  • A Shepherd in a Shade, J. Dowland
  • Las Amarillas, S. Hatfield